Friday, August 18, 2017

This Is Vintage Now Vol. 2: Interview With David Gasten - "Mad Men" Meets "Dark Side Of The Moon"

Last September, we interviewed producer David Gasten, one of our customers who is becoming a key figure in the Vintage music scene.  At the time, he was producing a compilation of Vintage artists entitled This is Vintage Now Vol. 2: Happiness is a Way of Life. Gasten successfully released This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 on August 1 of this year on his own Swing City Productions label. David has returned to talk about the new album, and how he accidentally created a record that is, as he says, "Mad Men meets Dark Side of the Moon."

David, congratulations on the release of This is Vintage Now Vol. 2! 

Thanks! I sure appreciate it. It’s good to finally have it out.

Remind our readers again as to what This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 is.

This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 is a compilation album that collects together current artists who do the sounds of the 1950s and 1960s really well.  I pick the very best tracks that I can find from artists who do a great job of reviving the atmosphere of those times, and assemble them into album collections that are meant to be enjoyable on their own merit. I take special care in the sequencing to make sure that the songs transition well from one to the next, and I have the albums mastered to create a warm and cozy sound like you’d hear on vinyl or on a 1990s audiophile record. 

We have three legacy artists on the album in Robert Drasnin (The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Mannix), Capitol Records veteran Sue Raney, and Mode Records artist Laurie Allyn. We also have fantastic current groups such as Swedish exotica group Ìxtahuele and the Dutch one man band Sunday Combo.

You say that this album is like "Mad Men meets Dark Side of the Moon."  What do you mean by that?

With the Mad Men part, well, that’s pretty self-explanatory.  The album really does have the mid-century class and style that we think of when we think of the Mad Men television series.  With Dark Side of the Moon, well, I didn’t know my own powers, and accidentally made an album that is a musical opiate. The way I sequenced the tracks was intended to put the listener into a trance, where they could just get lost in their thoughts. Then we added the hi-fi mastering to that. I spent three and a half months with my engineer Bill Metoyer just on the mastering. We worked on kneading out every last bit of overly bright treble or bass, and also worked on bringing out the warmth in the tracks.  The warm, cozy mastering, combined with the trance-inducing track list, turned into an album that sneaks up on you, and has you feeling very, well, “Comfortably Numb” before you know what hit you. So if you want an album that will help you relax, this is the record for you.  Just make sure that you listen to it all the way through to get the full effect. 

You came into Copymat several times while you were working on This is Vintage Now Vol. 2.  How were we able to help you with the project?

I’ve made a point to come in to Copymat when I’ve had to print and scan legal documents dealing with gaining permission to use the tracks on the album. I also received some excellent feedback from Copymat owner Bob Gerholdt on the color correction for the album cover art. The album art looks balanced and good the eye specifically for that reason, and we credited Bob for that in the album credits. The staff at Copymat has been very helpful and friendly, almost as though I were at a small hometown print shop.   

Right now the album is only available as an MP3 download and on streaming. Do you have plans to release it on vinyl or CD?

With vinyl, I’m not sure yet, but I did build the track list so that it would work as a vinyl release. I think the record would be a great fit for vinyl-only record shops.  We are planning to release the album on CD, but only in Japan.  We are currently pursuing some opportunities to release the album as a deluxe mini-LP CD over there.  Japan still loves CD’s and they have more of a collector’s mindset where they love to buy physical items with really nice packaging. So we’re going to really go over the top for them and give them a gatefold package that looks like a baby LP set. The set will have a CD that looks like a little LP, a fold-out poster, and a Japanese-language booklet with info on the artists. The album will also feature artwork from mid-century artists like Sam Gambino and Donna Mibus.  America hates CD’s, Japan loves them, so we are just doing what the demand tells us to do. 

Where can we get This is Vintage Now Vol. 2?

There are two versions of This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 on digital, a twelve-song version and a thirteen-song version. The twelve song version you can buy at CDBaby and iTunes, and can stream on Spotify. The thirteen-song version features an exclusive track by Sue Raney that is not available anywhere else, entitled “Something Cool”. This song was originally June Christy’s signature song, and it’s just astounding how Sue makes the song her own, to the point that you would never know that it was by another singer.  The extra song really brings this record to a satisfying close.  You can only get the thirteen-song version of This is Vintage Now Vol. 2 at And you can read more about the album and its artists at

In addition to releasing This is Vintage Now Vol. 2, David Gasten has also launched a project on his Instagram page called the "Hollywood Noir Adventures".  This is a set of photo series where David dresses up in a trench coat and takes film noir-style photos of Hollywood and the Hollywood Walk of Fame at night. We will interview David in a couple of weeks about this new project, and about his passion for preserving the Hollywood Walk of Fame and reviving the class of old Hollywood.  Watch for this interview here in the Copymat Hollywood blog!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Is Hollywood's Amoeba Records Closing Or Not?

The entire world erupted in disbelief when news came out that the treasured record store Amoeba Music might be closing down in the near future. Could it be true? Is Amoeba Muisc going to be gone forever? Let's get down to the bottom of these swirling rumors that our beloved Los Angeles staple will disappear.

What Is True

The owners of the Amoeba Music building sold their property to GPI. LAist & others reported that developers planned to create a 20-story luxury tower. However, LA Times reports seem to tell a slightly different story. They claim that GPI managing partner Cliff Goldstein said: 

“We intend to make an application to redevelop the property. At the same time, we're talking to Amoeba and have a great relationship with them. We're talking to them about a longer-term commitment to remain. We're open to those discussions, and we're having those preliminary discussions with them.”

Looking at all sources carefully, the truth seems to be that the property was sold to new owners & Amoeba Music will have to negotiate a deal if they want to stay in the future.

What Has Amoeba Said?

Amoeba Music posted this statement to some social media platforms:

Is a corporate wrecking ball coming to destroy Amoeba Music forever? Well, no. Amoeba boasts store-front ownership in Berkley & San Francisco, not just Hollywood. We wish their brand & company much success. However, will Amoeba Music be staying in Hollywood? For now, yes. But it's future is certainly under negotiation. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How To Print & Order Head Shots Online! (Hollywood & Los Angeles Print Business Goes Global!) (Order Headshots Online)

If you're looking to print, order & receive high-quality headshots, look no further! We have made it incredibly easy & hassle free for you. Our quality & turnaround times are unparalleled. Let's not waste your time. Watch the video below & follow the steps!

Copymat Hollywood is a legendary printing business right in the heart of Hollywood. Serving the Los Angeles community for over 30 years, you can trust that the quality will be top-notch & the price will be industry-leading. Copymat has also provided he entire world with printing as well! We ship & deliver all over the globe. 

A headshot is a photograph of a person's head commonly used in film, tv & movie auditions. In the modern age of television & film, head shots are mandatory for actors & actresses. Without them, you will not be taken seriously in an audition! You'll want to have the proper layout & dimensions as well. At Copymat Hollywood, we are experts at getting you prepared for your next audition!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bruce Bermudez: The Artist In Hollywood 2017 Interview

Meet 'The artist in Hollywood' himself, Bruce Bermudez! He's played music in White House for the President of the United States, in New York’s Rockefeller Center and for the Queen of England at the London Palladium. His accomplishments don't stop there. According to his official site: 

"As an artist he has worked for most of the major studios in Hollywood, sculpted Michael Jackson twice for the fabled Tower Records Building on Sunset Boulevard, and has painted Barbra Streisand, Cher, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Mr. Bermudez created mega-sculptures for Las Vegas hotels such as the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, the Venetian and Paris Hotels, and the world’s largest three-dimensional billboards for Jurassic Park the Ride at Disneyland and LAX, as well as created the prototype for “Alien Encounter” at Disneyworld, Florida."

Bruce’s all-original New Orleans-flavored rock band, Catahoula has been his latest artistic endeavor. We caught up with him to to talk about his past, his present, his future, his interests & much more!

Wow! Music, film, sculpting, special effects, architecture. You're a true artist & jack-of-all-trades. How early on did you know you were an artist?

At age 9, I sculpted an entire Jurassic landscape including a T-Rex, Stegasaurus, Brontasaurus + a volcano. 45 years before the movie came out!

Favorite music moment?

Singing + playing for President Lyndon B. Johnson at the White House, and The Queen of England at the London Palladium.

Favorite film moment?

Jurassic Park - I worked on it!

Tell us about some sculpting you've done & architecture!

I sculpted Tom Cruise's head for "Interview with a Vampire", many mega-sculptures for Las Vegas casinos, Hollywood studios + more, always applying my architectural background.

Favorite place to eat in Hollywood?

Birds on Franklin

Favorite place to relax in Los Angeles?

At our home on the patio in the Hollywood Hills

What are some of your goals for 2017 & Beyond?

Complete Catahoula's next album + have some hit songs!

Tell us about your relationship with Copymat Hollywood Blog superstar, Pamela Clay? :)

If you have ever met my beautiful wife, I'm sure you'll agree I'm one of the most blessed and lucky humans on earth!

Anything else you'd like to add?

Copymat rocks!

Follow Bruce's work at & stay tuned for more original Copymat stories! We have the best prints, prices, turnarounds & most importantly, customers! <3

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival 2017: Freda Sideroff Interview!

We were honored to meet with Freda Sideroff, the founder of Garifuna International Film Festival! She has channeled the energy of her ancestors to bring Los Angeles a film festival for the voices of all indigenous cultures. Now on it's 6th year, GIFF begins on Friday, May 12 2017. Make sure you read our interview with Freda below & get your tickets as soon as possible!

What was your inspiration to create Garifuna International Film Festival?

My inspiration for creating the Garifuna International Film Festival are the voices of my ancestors telling me to create GIIFF with urgency to promote the preservation of my Garifuna culture for the future generation to inherit a precious and priceless legacy.

What makes GIIFF special?

What makes GIIFF special is how it brings indigenous nations together providing them with a platform where their voices can be heard in an environment where they feel supported honored as well as respected.

How has the festival evolved since its founding in 2012?

The festival has evolved from a one-day event where the primary focus was on the preservation of the Garifuna people to now including indigenous nations from around the globe presenting a weeklong event, which now includes an international symposium.

What has been your favorite moment so far?

My favorite moments so far have been meeting the resilient filmmakers whose films are represented with purpose from around the globe.

(As far away from Africa, India, West Papua, Fiji, London, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala US & Canada to name a few.)

Freda Sideroff at GIFF

What are you excited about most this year?

I am most excited about the films from around the globe we have 27 films which includes features, documentaries and shorts with opportunities for first time filmmakers as well as experienced award winners such as Paul Redman (Being Embera).

Anything else you would like to add?

The festival runs May 12th,13th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th all details to be found on our website

Our Symposium on the social impact of immigration scheduled on Saturday May 13th 2pm to 4:30 Sponsored by the Dept. of Mental Health #5, Live Hula presentation with dances performed by: Halau Hula Na Liko Kupukupu I Ka Lani.  May 27 Closes the festival with the Ambassadors of Music Awards in Los Angeles promoting the preservation of Garifuna culture through music supporting our artists this to take place at the Egyptian Temple #5 5324 Crenshaw BLVD Los Angeles CA 90043.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Kevin Donan: Hollywood's Legendary Record Store Owner

Kevin Donan is one of my favorite people in Hollywood. Nestled back in the Artisan Patio on iconic Hollywood Boulevard, As The Record Turns provides some rare, authentic energy to Los Angeles' most popular neighborhood. On arrival, you can find two rooms full of exclusive records, vinyls & memorabilia. I had to sit down with Kevin to get his unique perspective on Hollywood & the history of As The Record Turns.

Kevin Donan with James Brown

How did As The Record Turns start?

Most people dream of opening a record store and hanging out to make money. Passion for the love of music is what got me involved. In the midwest in Flint, Michigan at the early age of only 16 years old, I self taught myself as a drummer and with my 14 and 15 year old brothers and a couple of long time 16 year old neighborhood friends, we formed a band, The HyperSolMystics. We opened for quite a few famous radio groups that same year, The Dells, The Ohio Players, Parliament Funkadelic just to name a few. In my early 20's, I came to Los Angeles and got into the entertainment most determined individuals.

I was involved in managing artists and signing a artist to Motown's Stevie Wonder. I turned 23. From there, I self taught myself recording engineering in a small studio on Hollywood Blvd. Later I was invited by members of Earth, Wind and Fire, Van Dyke Parks and Harry Nilsson (The Popeye Movie demo), Kool and the Gang, The Sylvers and many others I worked in studio settings.

I worked in Capitol Records PRESSING PLANT and learned mastering and pressing vinyl and all that goes with this. I later got married in the late 80's and saw with my wife Monet, the need to have a happy hobby. We opened As The Record Turns in Hollywood in 1987.       

How many music industry legends have you met?

It has been a blessing to just work and communicate in a entertainment industry environment since my teenage life. Having met and worked with The Sinatra Family, Bob Hope, Redd Foxx, The Jackson Family, Berry Gordy, the owner of Motown and many artists on their roster, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Leonard Cohen, Bobby Womack, I also sold sold Lenny Kravitz his first electric guitar when he was just 14 years old. I have as a consultant worked directly with the Rap and Hip-Hop artists Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah, director John Landis, Joan Rivers, Frank Zappa, I drummed for Buddy Miles, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Cedric The Entertainer, I share a double platinum hit record with Jay-Z, Adam Sandler, The Waynans, B.B. King, Herbie Hancock, Jeff Goldblum and tons of other jazz, R & B artists, actors, directors and plenty of just good people, like you!

Common & J Dilla with Kevin Donan at As The Record Turns
What's this new project you're working on?

Black Film Tracks is my latest project that is dear to me. In the late 80's, I managed in Hollywood near Paramount Film Studios, a warehouse that contained close to a millon vinyl record albums, 33 1/3, 45's & 78's and at that same time, I created my personal store, As The Record Turns, a rare and collectable vinyl only records store on Hollywood Blvd. During that time, we saw a tremendous amount of purchases toward
R & B, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Soul and Black Soundtracks.

Originally when urban records are pressed, they are released in less limited amounts compared to other genres, Rock & Roll, Classical, Country and Easy listening.

Foreign record stores, dealers and collectors from around the world stopped by and bought the more important urban related records to resell back to their country. I saw our history and culture leaving the US and in some cases never to be seen again.

So I took the last 4 years to do final research, but also spent quality time to video interview over 70 different people who worked in these movies as producers, directors, actors, musicians, artists and other prominent individuals. They had great stories of the deep struggles to make these movies, the music and their lifes in general. Narrator for our film historical documentary is Emmy Award winner Keith David.

Black Film Tracks is the largest collection in the world. It's a combination of the art from the film and the music score. I decided to create the most complete 480 page, full album size scale, inter-active book on all the soundtracks, Civil Rights speeches and Comedy recordings all into one informative and collectable book.You can see our progess at work at our site:

Favorite piece of merchandise in your store? 

My favorite piece of merchandise is all of the records. I enjoyed "buying" for the public. Most of all other stores rely on distributors or record labels to keep them supplied with reissues and CD's over the years with front line, current or radio chart friendly records. I never have and we only sell originals.

If there is a comedy record of Rodney Dangerfield or Richard Pryor, or a rare Sun Ra or Moondog or Miles Davis jazz record or a Johnny Cash, Elvis, or Iron Maiden or a rare soul Gil Scott Heron or an original 1992 Dr. Dre The Chronic album, I will find it and buy it for the store for the daily walk-ins we have from all of Europe to Asia to the neighborhood public.

What's the rarest piece you have?

The rarest album....well we have over 2 thousand signed albums from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Kiss, Tupac, Dr. Dre, many movie and television celebrities and the list goes on.

What's your favorite spot to eat in Hollywood?

My favorite eat spots are Mussos and Franks, Carneys, Dan Tanas, East Indian Grill, The Griddle, Yamashiros and a burger at the pool side in the Roosevelt Hotel, all these in Hollywood.

Stay tuned with As The Record Turns!

Monday, March 20, 2017

North Hollywood CineFest: NoHo's Premiere Film Festival!

Here at Copymat Hollywood, we’ve been supporting the arts for over 20 years. When we met Gustavo Sampaio, we knew we had found someone special in the community. He is a successful professional editor having won 3 Emmy Awards for his work with CBS, and has also worked with Entertainment Tonight, Facebook & independent films. As a filmmaker himself and attending many film festivals worldwide, Gustavo had the feeling that the filmmakers & audience could be getting more out of the whole experience and that Filmmakers were not given the support they could be. Also, he felt that North Hollywood, which had become a hub for artists, should have its own film festival. Now on its 4th year, Gustavo's film festival is bigger & stronger than ever.

This year, North Hollywood CineFest is hosting Milana Vayntrub, best known for her work on NBC hit This Is Us & for her AT&T commercial success. On a recent trip to Greece, Milana shot a short documentary about the refugee crisis that motivated her to start her foundation called Can't Do Nothing. This year the NoHo film festival is also promoting the California Health Collaborative, a local organization that has a program called Every Woman Counts that provides free breast and cervical screening to women in need. The festival this year will play 96 films, shorts and features of all genres, plus 33 high school student films from Los Angeles, as part of the new partnership our festival has with Councilman Paul Krekorian the City of Los Angeles.

Many in attendance are excited about “closing night” on March 30th, when NoHo CineFest  will be having their high-end Industry Panel and CineFest Awards Show. This night will feature great Hollywood professionals including: 

Tony Roman, Producer, "Emerald City"
Bianca Goodloe, Entertainment Attorney, "Bourne Identity"
David Rapaport, Casting Director, "The Flash" "Arrow"
Melanie Marnich, Writer, "The OA," Co-Executive Producer, "The Affair"
Abdul Williams, Writer, BET's "The New Edition Story"
Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin, Writers, "Mulan" 2018
Lindsay Graham, Casting Director, "Jackie," "Suicide Squad"

The Festival will have several world premieres this year and a "party spot" every night and Monday night is "Horror Night" where they only feature thrillers and horrors!

Make sure to check out North Hollywood CineFest official website for tickets & more info!